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The Torsion Field Fraud


In 1998, the Presidium of the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) formed a special Commission for the struggle against falsification of scientific research. The Head of that ad hoc Commission Dr. Edward P. Kruglyakov (Academician of the RAS) had published a series of papers wherein a great number of facts about the torsion field fraud had been revealed (vide infra [1-4]).

Despite the fact that the Russian Academy of sciences had condemned the pseudoscientific fraud organized by Mr.A.E.Akimov, he and his companions-sciolists are now actively trying to repeat it in other countries.


I still receive emails from people who have read something or other on the Internet about “the great Russian physicists” Gennady I.Shipov and Anatoly E. Akimov. The simplest analysis shows that all the web-pages those deceived readers refer to are full of false claims and misconceptions.


Misconception #1: G.I.Shipov has succeeded in generalizing Einstein’s General Relativity Theory. That is not true. In fact, Shipov has made an unsuccessful attempt to generalize GRT (as well as a number of other unsuccessful attempts).

Leading Russian physicists, including experts in torsion, have repeatedly emphasized that the so-called “Theory of the physical vacuum” (AKA the Theory of Torsion Fields developed by G.I.Shipov, a colleague of A.E.Akimov’s) contradicts known experiments, contains errors in calculations, and many of its equations are totally incorrect. Those errors make the entire “theory” just a heap of useless erroneous formulae.

Despite the fact that G.I.Shipov had been repeatedly told about the errors in his equations, A.E.Akimov and G.I.Shipov continue to advertise his book “The Theory of Physical Vacuum” (e.g.  here ) and continue to deceive foreign businessmen which do not understand the mathematics in that book and therefore cannot see the absurdity of Shipov’s claims.

(On the book “The Theory of Physical Vacuum” .pdf  83Kb – comments by Academician of RAS Dr. V.A.Rubakov).


            Misconception #2: A.E.Akimov and G.I.Shipov are well-known Russian scientists. That is a misconception. In fact, they are not scientists at all. They are sciolists.

The scientific degrees used in Russia differ very much from those used in Europe and America. Roughly speaking (to simplify the complex system of Russian scientific degrees), there are two main scientific degrees in Russia: kandidat nauk and doktor nauk, the latter being higher than the former. A.E.Akimov and G.I.Shipov do not have any of these degrees.

Someone may counter by saying that Akimov and Shipov are “Academicians”. That is correct. But Academicians of what Academy? The fact is that in Russia it is possible to register a private firm with the word “academy” in its name (like an Academy of Informational Sciences, an Academy of Technical Sciences, an Academy of Pseudo-sciences, etc.) The name of an Academy is usually omitted, and an illiterate sciolist refers to himself simply as an “Academician”. As a result of such a democracy, now there is a whole lot of various “academies” in Russia; as well as a whole lot of strange “academicians” that have no scientific degree.

A.E.Akimov and G.I.Shipov are academicians of the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS). Note the difference: the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS) and the Russian Academy of Natural Sciences (RANS). The point is that these are two different Academies; and frauds-sciolists A.E.Akimov and G.I.Shipov are nowise connected with the Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS).




1.  (Nauka v Sibiri, an official weekly of the Siberian Branch of the RAS)









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