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123. (---): Seeking skeptical contacts from Russia

Dear russian skeptic !
First I page your pardon, because I hardly can
read a little russian language but can not write
it, I do not have cyrillic keyboard even...

I write to the quarterly magazine "SKEPTIKKO", which is published by Skepsis r.y., the Finnish association of skeptics. I am now especially interested in claims concerning scientific investigation of paranormal in Russia and
especially "Kirlian" / GDV photography. Mr Korotkov from St Peterbourgh technical university
PIFMO has visited few times in Finland claiming
he has scientifically invested human Aura. He is
also selling his new Kirlian equiments etc.
If You have any information of discussions of
this, I would be very happy if you could
contact me !

I would also like get any information on russian skeptic publications. Because I am not doing very well with russian language, I did not have any success
in my web-searching...But I could read something also in russian language.
Any information will be welcome !
Regards Pertti Laine, Finland

Please, email me, in english, finnish
german or estonian

25 Октября 2000 (11:16:59)

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